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Monthly Release Order Of November 2018 31-10-18
Allocating Mill Wise Minimum Indicative Export Quotas (MIEQ) of Sugar for Sugar Season 2018-19 12-10-18
Scheme For Extending Financial Assistance To Mills For Enhancement And Augmentation of Ethanol Production Capacity 11-10-18
Scheme For Assistance To Sugar Mills 05-10-18
Scheme For Defraying Expenditure Towards Internal Transport Frieght, Handling & Other Charges 05-10-18
Monthly Release Order of October 2018 28-09-18
Allocation of MIEQ For Sugar Season 28-09-18
Machanism for Measurement of B-HY Molasses 1 18-09-18
Incentives For Diversion of Sugar For Ethanol Production 18-09-18
Sugar Development Fund Rules 17-09-18
Food Safety And Standards Packaging And Labelling Regulations 2011 01-09-18
Monthly Release Order of September 2018. 31-08-18
Revision of Minimum Indicative Export Quotas(MIEQ) Policy. 23-08-18
Separate Bank Account For Assistance From The Government - Hindi. 16-08-18
Separate Bank Account For Assistance From The Government - English. 16-08-18
Levy Sugar Supply (Control) Ammendment Order,2018 - Hindi. 14-08-18
Levy Sugar Supply (Control) Ammendment Order,2018 - English. 14-08-18
Supreme Court Judgement rejecting SLP By Delhi Govt. 14-08-18
High Court Judgement on DVAT. 14-08-18
Monthly Release Order Of August 2018. 30-07-18
Sugarcane Control Order Ammendment In Hindi. 26-07-18
Scheme For Financial Assistance To The Sugar Mill For Ethanol. 19-07-18
Press Note-Cabinet Approves FRP By Sugar Mills For 2018-2019. 18-07-18
अधिकतम सुरक्षा धुरी भार - सडक परिवहन और राजमार्ग मंत्रालय. 16-07-18
Revised Mill Wise Allocation Buffer Stock. 29-06-18
Scheme for Assistance to Sugar Mills. 25-06-18
Non Requirement Of Sign & Stamp On Shipping Bill Registration. 22-06-18
Shipping Bill - Signature And Stamp of LEO Officer. 22-06-18
Ministry of Consumer Affairs,Food & Public Distribution-Maintenance of Buffer Stock Notification 15-06-18
Essential Commodities Act 1995 Amendment. 07-06-18
Intra-State Movement Of Good-Exemtion of E Way Bill. 07-06-18
MMTC To Export Two Lac MT Of Sugar 07-06-18
Sugar Price 07-06-18
Minimul Sales Price 07-06-18
Monthly Release Order Of June 2018 07-06-18
Revised Allocation Of MIEQ Quota. 09-05-18
Scheme for Assistance to Sugar Mills. 09-05-18
Implementation of e-Way Bill for Inter-State Movement of Goods 21-03-18
Amendment of GST ACT 2017, Tax Invoice For Export. 23-10-17
S.O. 3093 (E) / Ess. Com/ Sugarcane -The Sugarcane (Control) (Second Amendment) Order, 2016 30-09-16
Sugarcane (Control) Second Amendement Order, 2018. 30-09-16
S.O. 2787 (E) -The Sugarcane (Control) (Amendment) Order, 2016 24-08-16
The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act 2006 16-06-66
G.S.R. 912 / Ess. Com/ Sugar – The Sugar (Control) Order, 1966 10-06-66

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